You have a project for the Strat of your dreams, for yourself or for a friend. You are not a handyman or lack the information to build it yourself. We propose you, as architects or project managers, to realize your dreams. We manage the whole project:
  • design
  • ordering the components
  • assembly
  • adjustment

The design

This phase consists of discussions on your project to define all the components:
  • body : wood species (alder, swamp ash, mahogany, white limba), colors, type of finish (relic,...)
  • neck : wood species of the neck and fingerboard (maple, ebony, rosewood, pau ferro), profile, fretting, tuning, custom decals...)
  • pickups : we promote handwound pickups made by our partners (Hepcat, Lollar, Asyllum, Dreamsongs, QPickups, ...), but we install also standard pickups (Fender, Seymour Duncan, ...),
  • electronic : Treble bleed, No Load tones, Push/Pull to split humbucker coils or reverse phase, serie wiring ...
We will be able to inform you about the choices and propose you opportunities according to our stock or our suppliers. It is quite possible to integrate components already in your possession. At the end of this phase, we will establish an estimate of the project.

The realization

This phase includes several steps:
  • the order of the components and specific work (ex: relicage)
  • the assembly of the guitar
  • the adjustment
At the end of the realization, we will send you a series of photos to validate the realization.

The delivery

Delivery can be made at the workshop or by colissimo (30€ for delivery with insurance covering the value of the guitar and 70€ for a hard case).


In addition to the price of the components provided in the estimate, a fixed price is added to the price of the guitar, including the design, order management, assembly and adjustment costs, and possibly the delivery.


We work with artisans known for the quality of their work


All of our guitars come with a certificate of authenticity that can be verified online with a QR code. This certificate attests that the guitar has been assembled in France in an artisanal way with our quality rules and is a unique model.

In case of resale it also attests to the original selling price.

QR code of the certificate

A complete case

All guitars are delivered with a hard case in black tolex or tweed. The case containing the guitar

Careful electronics

All wiring is done with vintage 22AWG Gavitt wire, whose strands are tinned and covered with a cotton sheath originally used by Fender.

We also use the best components on the market: CTS or Alpha pots, Sprague Orange drop capacitors. Pickguard wiring view

The shielding of the cavities is carefully done with graphite paint. Shielding